• The Hirer must be over 18 years of age at the time of application, and if persons under 18 are present, it is a condition of hire that parents or guardians MUST always be in attendance and deemed responsible for ensuring all conditions of the hire are met.
  • Any hirer who hires the Hall regularly and whose activities involve children or young people will be required to operate a recognised Child Protection Policy based on the Home Office Code of Practice ‘Safe from Harm’ and give a copy of current CRB certificate.
  • It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that the ‘Terms & Conditions of Hire’ for the Hall are understood and adhered to by all persons using the Hall during the hire period.
  • If the retail Sale of Alcohol is to take place, then the hirer must obtain the relevant permission by completing the Supplementary Terms & Conditions of Hire (Sale of Alcohol) Form provided by BVH)  which must be signed off in agreement by a member of the Executive Committee.  Please keep the front page as a copy of your responsibilities and complete and return the second page with BII Licence number and return to BVH.  You will be informed of any problems.
  • It is the responsibility of the Hirer to do their own risk assessments in relation to their agreed use of the hall.  If you have clients and/or guests please ensure their safety.  Please nominate a responsible adult during the course of your hire period – even if it is you!  A risk assessment must be done and agreed upon with the management committee, if you need help please see hall manager. We have a template that can be used which has the known risks of BVH that a hirer can add to for their booking.
  • The hirer of the hall for any function, whether as a regular user or “one off” events must be aware of the fire procedures and health and safety.  The safety of their guests and or clients is their responsibility.  Current Environmental Health regulations must be adhered to and it is the responsibility of the hirer to know and understand these regulations.  If unsure of your responsibilities http://www.hse.gov.uk is the health and safety website that will give you full information on your responsibilities.
  • All functions must have at least one named nominated responsible adult (NRA) and for bookings involving alcohol or over 60 people attending two NRAs are required and the appropriate supplementary form completed.
  • The hirer has use of the hall for whatever times that has been PAID for.  All setting up and cleaning up time must be included in the hire costs; this is part of the hire agreement.   The rule of thumb for clearing/cleaning is that the hall must be left in the same condition as it is found.

a)       Time used in the hall must be time paid for.  Should extra time be used by hirer they are liable for additional charges. If you do not finish and clear in the times you have chosen, it could cause problem for our next booking, please be considerate.

b)       If a user has hired in equipment to use during their function it must be removed from the premises at the end of the hire agreement, under no circumstances may hired equipment be left at the hall as it creates problems for other users. 

c)       BVH cannot accept the responsibility for equipment left at BVH.

  • No liability will be accepted by Boxgrove Village Hall for any injury or loss however caused.
  • BVH or pictures of BVH (external or internal) are not to be used for marketing or promotional purposes by users (or other bodies) without express permission in writing by management.  Unauthorised use of the name or pictures of Boxgrove Village Hall is expressly forbidden.
  • If alcoholic drink is to be consumed on the premises, the Hirer must be responsible for ensuring that NO alcohol is consumed by any person under the age of eighteen.
  • Decorations for any party or function will only be permitted by prior agreement with the Hall Manager.   Anything which marks the walls, floors or paintwork will not be permitted.  No nails or sticky tape of any description is allowed.  White Tak may be used.  ALL decorations and means of keeping in place must be removed from the hall, it is up to the hirer as part of the contract to ensure all decorative items have been removed.   Please read further on for After Wedding Clean Up procedures.  Please note, sparkly party poppers are NOT permitted under any circumstances.  Atmospheric smoke is NOT to be used under any circumstances as it sets off the fire alarm.
  • It is prohibited to use other hirer’s property without express permission from owner.
  • Any accidents should be noted in the incident book. This is kept in the in the kitchen on the work surface, clearly visible.
  • If any problems occur during hire, the Hirer must report it promptly to the Hall Manager or duty manager.
  • Depending on purpose of hire other conditions might apply.  Please check with Hall Manager if unsure.
  • Boxgrove Village Hall does not have a preferred caterer however we do have a preferred caterer list.  If your caterer is not on the list please contact management.  Please do not hire a caterer who is not on our list without consultation first.
  • Boxgrove Village Hall has no right to allow use of the playing/community field or give permission for use, however they can liaise for the hire of the green through the Parish Council should it include the hire of Boxgrove Village Hall.
  • The minimum hire of the hall is one hour and thereafter every 15 minutes.  Week-ends the minimum hire time is 3 hours. Please ensure that you book enough time for the set-up and clean-up for your function.  Running late causes problems for reservations after your hired time.
  • The Management Committee retains the right to refuse any booking not deemed appropriate for the hall or for a village environment, without prejudice.
  • No person or persons may stay overnight in either the Hall; the green or the car park.  All of the deposit is forfeit should this happen and a likely secondary charge made.  There are hotels, B&Bs and camping areas all local to Boxgrove at costs to suit all pockets.  We are not licenced to offer overnight stay therefore it is a legal matter.


After Wedding / Party Clean Up

Boxgrove Village Hall professional cleaners will clean up the wedding party the day after the celebration, except for the kitchen area or items left in the hall that belong in the kitchen area (ie, tableware etc) and/or a bar if one has been run.   The hirer still pays for the morning after hire.   It is up to the hirers to remove any personal items that they do not wish thrown away.  Any and all decorations will be deemed rubbish by BVH cleaners if left behind.  Any items of decoration where sticky tape has been used must be carefully removed by the client as it is their responsibility that no damage is done to the building, which would include the paint work. The grass area is not part of BVH (this ends at the terrace) and therefore is not included in the clean-up costs.  It is up to the client to clean up the green should their guests use the green, for whatever reason.

Payment Arrangements

  • The hire charge will be that applicable at the date of hire in accordance with the current tariff, or as otherwise agreed between the hirer and Boxgrove Management.  The start and end time of the hire MUST include the setting up and cleaning up after the function.   The hire cost of the hall increases after 6pm and the hirer will be charged accordingly any extra time over 10 minutes will be charged accordingly.
  • Full payment must be tendered at least one month before the hire unless otherwise agreed by the manager.
  • Wedding Celebrations.  After the refundable deposit has been paid, a quarter of the final amount owed must be paid at regular intervals specified by management until all monies owing has been paid in advance of the reserved dates.

for example:

Full cost of hire including deposit                                                 £1620.00

refundable deposit (paid to secure hire)                                   –  £250.00


amount left owing                                                                            £1350.00

full amount which is to be paid by instalments. The final instalment has to be before the wedding date. Payment dates will be sent to you once the deposit has been paid.  If at anytime there is a problem with the payment date please contact management as soon as possible.                                                                      


  • A signed copy of the Booking Form should be sent or emailed with the deposit (where applicable) and the completed Declaration, to the Hall Manager at the following address Boxgrove Village Hall, The Street, Boxgrove, Chichester.  PO18 0EE.  Telephone number 01243 788332 (week-day afternoons) mobile 07523 013 987 or email: manager.bvh@gmail.com.
  • Cheques should be made payable to Boxgrove Village Hall with full payment at least 1 month in advance or 3 months if a wedding.   Alternatively you may pay by bank credit transfer.  Bank details are as follows:

Bank                       :               Barclays, Chichester

Sort Code              :               20-20-62

Account Number:               73809110

Late Payments:

Our payment structure is very simple; regular bookings must pay one month in advance of reserved date and weddings must pay in instalments in advance of reserved dates, unless otherwise agreed with in writing by management.  Boxgrove Village Hall reserves the right to charge interest rates for late payment of pro-forma invoice.  This will be levied at 2.5% increase per month on top of their fee.

Regular Users / Block bookings

To qualify as a regular user, the client must hire the hall for 40 weeks out of the year from their first hire date or if a monthly hire, 9 months of the year.   We cannot guarantee uninterrupted hall hire but wherever possible we will honour dates.  In return for your understanding we will hold open your bookings even during the school holidays without a holding fee depending on the return dates being given before end of term so that we do not inadvertently book someone else in.  If in doubt please talk to the manager.  All regular bookings that hire the hall during term time only must give details in writing of their next terms required bookings, should these details not be received then BVH may make the dates available for another user. The use of crockery / cutlery is a courtesy offered by BVH and not part of the hire agreement.


Commercial Bookings

The definition of a “commercial booking” is an individual, organisation or company which, after expenses, intend to make a profit for their own benefit. The hirer does not need to be a Limited Company but can be a Partnership, Sole Trader, self-employed or designated a “Trading As”. Profit includes any proceeds accruing to the hirer from the booking which, after the expenses of hiring the hall, pays the hirer a fee, e.g. for tuition. An example would be a dance class where the organiser hires the hall and runs classes from which they take a tuition fee, whether or not external tutors are employed.

–     An organisation, national or local government department, service or “quango” which is primarily funded by money raised from taxes, regardless of their value and benefit to the community, including registered charities and those run by a voluntary committee, e.g. NHS Blood Service. NB: Lottery grants are not tax-raised sources of income.

–     Booking where only the proceeds are donated to charity e.g. stall holders who make a charitable donation of a percentage of their profits or pay a pitch fee to a charity.

–     Bookings using commercial fundraisers where a part of the proceeds are used to pay the fundraisers fees.

–     Use of licensed professional bar, selling alcohol for gain under the sale of alcohol act must pay full hall hire costs.


The hall does not have a PRS/PPL license therefore it is up to each individual commercial booking to ensure that they have all necessary licenses to play/perform music etc. Please note: Private bookings do not require PRS/PPL.


Hiring and Cancellation

A deposit is required with each application for booking the Hall, unless otherwise agreed by Boxgrove Management Committee. The amount of the deposit is stated on the provisional booking form.  The deposit will be refunded after the event providing the premises, equipment, fixtures and fittings are left clean and tidy and as found and there has been no damage/fault to the building.

Please Note:  If you use a caterer not on the approved list and you have not previously discussed the matter with the manager, who has given approval in writing for you to use the caterer of your choice, you are liable to be fined up to the total sum of your deposit and / or have your booking cancelled. It costs nothing to check, it could cost a lot if you don’t.

The hirer’s liability for failing to leave the premises clean or for any damages/fault is not limited to the amount of the deposit.  The agreed deposit confirms the hiring of the facility.  The unconfirmed booking is held on the computerised booking system for 21 days and unless deposit has been received by then, is made re-available to others. Should agreement be reached where a hirer block books the hall(s), the first two months hall hire fee is required in advance of start date.  A long term regular booking is not held on the computerised booking system without the above monies and completion and return of booking form. If a regular booking wishes to have continued use of their regular date it is up to them to inform the manager of the dates, in writing. All changes must be notified in writing (e-mail) to the manager.

Regular Hirer Cancellation

If a regular Hirer wishes to cancel a confirmed booking more than one week before the date of the event the following cancellation charges are levied:

If booking is cancelled after any monies has been received:                             £40.00 administration fee is charged.

Less than one months’ up to two weeks’ notice of cancellation in writing:     £40.00 administration fee is charged, plus 50% of booking fee.

Less than two weeks’ notice of cancellation in writing:                                       £40.00 administration fee is charged plus 75% of booking fee.

Less than 7 days’ notice in writing:                                                                          100% of booking fee is retained/charged and a discretionary administration fee could also be levied up to the value of £40.00.

If less than 7 days’ notice in writing of cancellation is given for a regular booking then payment in full will be required for the hired hall.

Weddings or a booking which is more than 15 hours long or is a whole building hire, a separate cancellation fee scale is levied due to the difficulty in re-hiring the hall, unless alternative agreements have been agreed in writing by management. The cancellation charges are as follows:

Once confirmation fee has been received there is an automatic £40.00 administration fee levied for any cancellation plus the following:

3 months before booking   –               100% of monies received is returned less £50.00 administration fee

10 weeks before booking  –               80% of value of booking is returned less £40.00 administration fee

8 weeks before booking     –               65% of value of booking is returned less £40.00 administration fee

6 weeks before booking     –               50% of value of booking is returned less £40.00 administration fee

4 weeks before booking     –               30% of value of booking is returned less £40.00 administration fee

2 weeks before booking     –               20% of value of booking is returned less £40.00 administration fee

If less than 2 weeks’ notice in general has been given or not informed at all management will withhold all monies received to date. Management also reserves the right to invoice the client for lost earnings.

The village hall reserves the right to cancel this hiring by written notice to the Hirer in the event of:

(a)     If incorrect information or details are submitted on the booking form the Management Committee reserve the right to cancel the booking and retain all monies paid by hirer.

(b)     Should BVH find that resident’s rate has been applied for and given and subsequently discovers that the hiring was paid for by a business or unauthorised person not entitled to the lower rate, the Executive Committee reserves the right to forfeit the booking and retain all monies paid.  The relevant parties involved will potentially be banned from hiring BVH again.

(c)     the premises being required for use as a Polling Station for a Parliamentary or Local   Government election or by-election.

(d)    the Village Hall management committee reasonably considering that

(i)      such hiring will lead to a breach of licensing conditions, if applicable,

(ii)     or other legal or statutory requirements,

(iii)    unlawful or unsuitable activities will take place at the premises as a result of this hiring

(e)    the premises becoming unfit for the use intended by the Hirer or false information has been entered on the booking form.

(f)      an emergency requiring use of the premises as a shelter for the victims of flooding, snowstorm, fire, explosion or those as risk of these or similar disasters.

(g)     use of an unauthorised caterer or other personnel not agreed with by the manager in writing.

In any such case the Hirer shall be entitled to a refund of any monies already paid, but the village hall shall not be liable to the Hirer for any resulting direct or indirect loss or damages whatsoever.


Electrical Equipment

  • It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that any portable electrical equipment brings are safe and used in a safe manner and comply with the current Electricity at Work Regulations.  Use of own electrical equipment must be agreed in writing from the manager. Should defective equipment be seen to be used in the hall, the function will be stopped and asked to leave immediately, forfeiting their deposit.  This includes equipment used by our clients’ sub-contractors.
  • It is up to the hirer to ensure that anybody they hire ie DJ have relevant up to date PAT electrical checks on any equipment they might be using in the hall and also public liability insurance and any licences required for the purpose of the hire.



  • No electronically amplified music is to be played or performed after 11.30pm and premises are to be vacated by 12 midnight.
  • As the Hall is in a quiet village location, music and noise must be kept down to a reasonable level and not disturb the residents.  This also applies to the playing field and car park when leaving the hall.



  • The Hall, kitchen and toilets must be left clean and tidy. If the kitchen is used, it is the responsibility of Hirers to see that all worktop surfaces are wiped clean. All crockery and cutlery must be washed and put away. The floors must be swept and, where necessary, washed, unless the hirer has paid for our cleaners to do it.   Floor cleaning equipment is provided (vacuum cleaner/brooms in storeroom, mop/bucket in kitchen cupboard by fire door).
  • The tables should be wiped clean before putting away and chairs cleaned of all debris and stains, stacked and returned to storage cupboard.  All rubbish is to be placed in plastic bags (provided by yourselves if a party) and either removed by the Hirer for recycling or deposited inside wheeled bin in car park. Please do not leave rubbish on ground as it attracts rodents.
  • The hirer must provide any other form of cleaning equipment, i.e. washing up liquid and tea towels. Use of tea towels or any goods or equipment in cupboard or drawer marked private is NOT permitted. Please do not use the cupboards or fridge of the Little Learners pre-school, this is their own private property and should be respected. The general rule of thumb is that the hall must be left in the same condition as found.

Use of Kitchen Facilities

  • All hirers may use basic kitchen facilities, namely the water urn, sink, dishwasher, heating cabinet and use of dishwasher. This might be shared use with another hirer and courtesy must be extended to each other at all times.
  • We offer for use inclusive in the basic cost a fully automated commercial dishwasher for our clients use to allow washed items to be air dried as per Health and Safety best practice guidance.
  • Although full use of the kitchen can be booked at very short notice it does require pre-booking and a hiring fee is necessary.  The use of the gas cooking range requires additional fire safety instruction and also a key is required to turn gas on to the kitchen area.  This is a safety function preventing gas intake to the kitchen unless in use. 


Furniture & Equipment

  • Hirers are asked to return all tables and chairs to the storeroom and stored as found, making sure that the tables have been wiped clean and all debris and stains have been removed from the chairs.
  • All breakages are to be reported and a charge will be made for their replacement and taken from your deposit.
  • Any items (whatever they maybe) found missing from the hall after the event and during the first hall inspection will be charged and taken from your deposit.  The hall inspection is normally before use of hall by another hirer.
  • Cutlery/Crockery and wine glasses are hired out at a very reasonable rate – please ask for details.
  • Hirers must ensure that all internal lights are turned off before leaving.  The kitchen should be checked to ensure that taps, electrical equipment and the cooker are all turned off.  Also a check made of the storeroom, kitchen and toilets.
  • We have a full range of business aid/entertainment equipment that we rent out at very reasonable cost.  Please enquire.


Windows & Doors

  • All Fire Exit Doors must be kept clear at all times.
  • Fire doors must not be propped open during their function.  This is a health and safety matter.
  • Hirers must be certain that all windows and doors are securely shut and locked before leaving and the door is securely locked and fastened.



  • No items whatsoever are to be left in the building except by permission of the Management Committee.  Items of food or drink must not be kept in the store cupboards.  The Management Committee can accept no responsibility for items left in the storeroom.\  All balloons left behind will be disposed of.  If a hirer wants to keep them please take them with you.

Smoking/fire hazards

  • Smoking is prohibited in the Hall.  Hirers must sweep up cigarette ends discarded outside the entrance doors during a function and/or remove cigarette ends from the sand filled buckets provided for the smokers, before the buckets are stored away.


  • Cars are parked at owners’ risk.  The car park is private to the village and as such no camper vans, caravans or persons may stay in their vehicles overnight.  This is strictly prohibited.  Vehicles only may be left overnight should it be a safety requirement.